'Song for Pittsburgh' is a song I wrote for the city, performed by a fragmented choir.

At the same time, on the same day, this song was sung as a way to connect across the divides inherent to our cities and the people who inhabit them. It was a fleeting gesture of connectivity, creativity, and play. Choir members included Ricardo Iamuuri, John Carson, Tessa Barber, Dani Lamorte and Ian Bonnet.

I also encouraged anyone who wanted to sing to do so from wherever they were at that time. Participation came from The Dress Exchange Choir performing from Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh; the Wildflower Quintet singing from Williamsburg, Virginia; with additional singing in Florida, New Jersey, and Texas. The song can be interpreted however you'd like. Once I give you the lyrics, it is yours. Music was composed to the song by Devin Arrington.

Performed on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at High Noon.

Download Lyrics Here
Download Lyrics and Music Here

Link to videos:
Ricardo Iamuuri, Song for Pittsburgh Choir member in East Liberty
Dani Lamorte, Song for Pittsburgh Choir member on the Northside
The Dress Exchange Choir in Squirrel Hill

Funded byThe Sprout Fund, Connect Your City grant

Song for Pittsburgh Broadside Ian Bonnet John Carson Dani Lamorte Ricardo Iamuuri Tessa Barber